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So let’s start the day with a message.

Dear Shopee… or Gogo Express.


I still can’t forget what happened to my Funko pop. I bought a CJ Parker Funko pop. It had two layers of bubble wrap. It came in with a boss protector. It also came in with a cardboard box.

It also came in damaged – as if the box served as a mount for a cabinet… or a washing machine… or a Technogas range or something.

I suddenly remember German Moreno and GMA Supershow.

Actually, they should revive that show.


I have seen horror stories of perfect products getting mishandled by bastard shipping companies. I mean I can’t really hate Shopee and Gogo Express because this is not the first time I had one of my items shipped using their service. However, one bad seed messes up an entire population.

And it blows.

There was a time when I was about to order the Baywatch Funko pops on eBay. Back in the day, I watched Baywatch because of David Hasselhoff, campy story arcs, and their interchangeable women. I watched the show when it had Erika Eleniak, Billy Warlock, and Parker Stevenson and when the show had Pamela Denise Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Yasmien Bleeth, and Alexandra Paul.

I guess I don’t blame Funko for only producing the Mitch Buchannon and CJ Parker pops. Moving to Hawaii and having a film adaptation kind of ruined the mystique of the show.

The show is a trainwreck, don’t get me wrong. However, there was a time when it was a lovable kind of a trainwreck. I remember when WCW wrestlers came and acted crappily. Also, the recruitment arc that produced the class of CJ, Summer Quinn, and Matt Brody was kind of cool.

Speaking of trainwrecks, I called the seller. The seller actually provided pics of the Funko pop prior to packaging and provided pics of the package when it was about to be shipped. The seller constantly apologized and I guess as an out-of-box collector, I can live with a damaged Funko pop box. As mentioned, the Baywatch pops are rare finds at the moment and I almost went to eBay to buy the pops.

With that said, it sure as hell damages the selling value of the pop. I am part-collector and part-investor when it comes to these things and it’s not like I wanted to receive a messed-up pop.

This is like you're anticipating something... and ended up with this.

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