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So Czech offlaner Jonas “SabeRLight” Volek got damaged by Kuku and the rest of T1 after he said that Southeast Asian DOTA 2 players are “a bunch of noobs”.

He managed to unite the Pig-noys and the In-Dogs because of that thing he pulled.

Anywho, T1 with Kuku’s awesomeness, Karl’s craziness, 23savage’s shtick, Xepher’s grace under pressure, and Whitemon’s beautiful singing voice managed to a weak T10 start to an upper bracket faceoff against PSD.LGD.

Whitemon's singing voice is awesome.

Sidenote: Researching on the T1 organization, it seems as if the team was founded by legendary Starcraft player and two-time The Genius contestant Lim Yo-hwan. The dude was goofy as hell when he joined nemesis Hong “YellOw” Jin-ho in the reality competition.

So I am torn between T1 and OG. During the early days of the pandemic, I would use T1’s matches (or SEA tourneys) as background music when I work. I got to admit, I am hoping that if it’s not OG, then I want a SEA team to win it. While I still see OG, PSD.LGD, Alliance, Nigma, EG, Invictus Gaming, and Team Secret as favorites, it’s really hard to root against the home squad especially if they have the chance to pull through.

Also, Fnatic versus The Undying match would be an awesome match – especially with SabeRLight going against Pinoys DJ and Raven, Malaysia’s ChYuan, Singapore’s Deth, and Thailand’s Jabz. Aside from Thunder Predator’s disappointing 0-16 run, SabeRLight’s reverse SEA shaming could be an awesome story to build on the climax of the tourney.

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