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Draymond Green is the NBA's version of our Beau Belga.

Both players are comfortable in front of the camera and for some reason, both players aren't hiding the fact that they would use everything in their power to command authority inside the court.

Yes, part of their moveset is their underhanded tactics... but it's not like they are hiding this from everyone.

It's also cool that during the Inside the NBA telecast, Charles Barkley is not babying their buddy. Yes, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith are kind of defending Draymond's actions but it's a low-key buildup to Barkley's assumption.

Basically, when the Golden State Warriors played the Memphis Grizzlies in their series opener, Draymond gave Brandon Clarke a taste of playoff basketball.

Yes, it looked bad and Draymond defending his move is kind of useless (considering he has a history of doing these kinds of antics and it's impossible for the league to let him be), but it's not like he's out to injure the Memphis forward.

But yeah, I just remembered that I pulled a lot of Brandon Clarke cards and while I get that he's not going to have expensive cards, I blindly hope that he'll have a GOAT-like career.

So yeah, Draymond needs to stay away from Brandon Clarke.


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