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I have been batshit busy over the course of two weeks.


Also during that time, I have been acquiring info on old PBA stats.

It came to the point that I commissioned a person for screenshots. I don't want to say the dude's name (he might hate it) but he is VERY accommodating, especially in my quest to complete the MVP seasons of the best PBA players. Again, my intention has always been to spread info about old-school PBA and why the Crispa-Toyota rivalry and the 90s teams are the most awesome time to pit the league against the telenovelas and the K-Dramas.

And it's not like I didn't try for other means. I called the PBA office for info and was about to travel to the National Archives.

But as I said, work made me busy and this method required moderate effort.

If you're a PBA nut and you want stats, I will be posting a couple of them starting next month. I'm thinking of having a paywall on some of the stats. Sure, I need to get back my money (although I think getting the stats justifies everything) but I just don't know why this isn't released to the public.

Of course, I am going to tag this as unofficial and I am going to be transparent on the incomplete stats. I am just going to brand the stats because apart from doing the work, WIX's table function is hard to operate.

I guess over time, I am also going to feature current players on my PBA stats page. I'm thinking of the players that logged at least ten seasons or more and are on the verge of retirement.

Anyway, if you see this and for some reason you get giddy, this means you know how important this is.

I mean, try Googling "Ramon Fernandez PBA stats" now.

Or, how about "Bogs Adornado PBA stats" now?

Across these two, they have seven MVP titles and none of their season stats are featured anywhere on the internet.

Just go to this page!

Get Sydrified.

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