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Long before Brooklyn Nine-Nine and After Gone, two of my favorite dudes collaborated en route to an awesome SNL Digital Short.

Dick in a Box.

And this is why I bought the Funko.

There was a point in time in which I viewed Saturday Night Live just for the Weekend Update and any gag Bill Hader or Kristen Wiig is in.

Andy Samberg's SNL worth is when he introduced the Digital Short format. Turning his collection of The Lonely Island hits to these laugh-out-loud five-minute sketches may have ruined their live format vibe... but also gave the show another perspective. It also made SNL a hub for awesome cameos. Sure, their guest hosts are the ones that make their fans, as well as the casual viewers, watch their program but it's these memorable cameos with one-line dialogues that give the content oomph.

Justin Timberlake doing a parody of his singing prowess is awesome. And I have seen Dick in a Box performed in his concert because this is as huge as some of his solo and N'Sync songs.

And did you see that thing with Justin and Kristen with the black crow-like feather?

Apart from the time of Will Ferrell, SNL’s Digital Short era is one of my faves and this short jumpstarted it. And while sure, Jack Sparrow is undoubtedly my all-time fave… the trilogy of these dudes banging their beaus in awkward gimmicks is just the best.

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