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Oh, there's a Paul Heyman Funko pop?


This is me from a couple of months ago.

I consider Paul Heyman as one of the best talkers in his industry. Yes, he is one of the most recognizable figures in Extreme Championship Wrestling history but I never really saw ECW. I may like the first ECW One Night Stand but the first time I latched on to ECW was when a handful of their stars were featured in Monday Night Raw.

In fact, when Tazz defeated Kurt Angle in his debut, I thought it was absurd.

As mentioned, I never saw ECW in the Philippines.

With that said, ECW housed a lot of characters - one of the best during their era. I doubt if the organization had bland babyfaces or overused racial stereotype heels but except for the luchadores, I don't really recall boring characters - with the exception of CW Anderson (but only because he portrayed himself as an old-school grappler).

Anyway, Paul Heyman could do no wrong while holding the mic. He did this in commentary and he did this while posing as an advocate to the likes of Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and The Big Show.

So yeah, when I saw his Funko pop available in Shopee, who am I to snub his pop?

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