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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The banana scene.


The first season is awkward for a lot of Parks and Recreation characters. I guess Ann Perkins and Mark Brendanawicz are the only characters that had some sort of edge. This sucks because Ann’s character hit it off in the first season because Parks and Rec initially revolved on the open lot next to her house.

And Mark? Well… he had to disappear to make Parks and Rec what it is now.

Ron Swanson in particular was a trainwreck. Sure, he’s your typical “government official who hates the government” archetype… but he isn’t as lovable as he is in the succeeding seasons.

When Nick Offerman's character got swagged with macho and prima donna-ish ideologies, his character became lovable.

And the banana scene.

The banana scene is my favorite Ron Swanson scene.

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