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I guess Cyrus Baguio is the last great Thomasian in the PBA. I mean, I know Allein Maliksi, Kevin Ferrer, Ed Daquioag, Louie Vigil, and Jervy Cruz are still in the league but I guess with the exception of Maliksi, Baguio is the only player we can really say had a successful PBA career.

Again, let me say that Maliksi can be up there - as we can arguably say that he won a grand slam as part of the San Mig Coffee Mixers. But in terms of championships plus individual accolades, Baguio enjoys a better reception.

As a Thomasian, I remember going bonkers whenever Skyrus does something awesome in the PBA. When I was in college, it was either Baguio scoring on a dunk or Nino Gelig scoring on a dunk or Derrick Hubalde scoring on a dunk, or Emer Oreta not scoring on a dunk but scoring, anyway.

I know UST never won with the shooting guards and small forwards going for the style than substance, but they were an exciting bunch to check out.


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