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Yes, there is a reason why they are batched up and no, I am not going to suck on their accomplishments... not in the PBA, at least.

There is a reason why these players are in this situation. Back when they were playing for either the NCAA or in the UAAP, they were basketball beasts.

It's no secret that I hate Dino Aldeguer as a DLSU player. It's the same hate I have with Lee Sang Min and Cho Sung Min to an extent. But I do understand that he should have had a respectable PBA career. It's the same situation as a lot of these players.

I could call them draft busts only because as a keyword, it's probably going to give this poor blog the much-needed popularity boost.

But they are more of disappointments. Not busts.

Some are Top 5 picks because of the situation while others just couldn't get out of the cards they were dealt. I mean... Ronald Pascual could have had a better career if San Miguel didn't acquire him. Stevenson Solomon would have had a better career had not for his eye injuries.

What the hell is Great Taste's problem selecting Apet Jao when they already have Allan Caidic on their roster???

What if these former Stag/Tanduay players like Reuben Dela Rosa, Jason Webb, and Erwin Luna got their breaks in other teams? Yeah, the inclusion of Webb here is iffy considering that he had twin All-Star appearances but his scoring averages weren't the numbers we expected him to get. I know Omanzie Rodriguez could average three points per game but if he was treated better, he could have also averaged three blocks per game.

Alex Araneta is a stud if he was saddled with injuries! And what is the whole deal of benching a playmaker like Boyet Bautista?

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