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So I forgot why I have this clip.

All I know is that for some reason, this is one of the videos that I saved from my ABC-5 days.

Anyway, this is Gonzo. I saw a clip of his a couple of weeks ago wherein he did a performance spot for America's Got Talent. He also did similar performance spots in various entertainment programs around the world.

I mean, how insane is a professional tambourine player anyway?

Especially, one who dons an insane getup such as his?

As mentioned, way back, I got to see Gonzo do his insane tambourine goodness as part of Gaki No Tsukai's batsu specials. The No Laughing 24-Hour Specials have been a staple of the long-running program and of course, seeing Gonzo and their associate do insane shit in front of them is going to elicit a response.

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