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Today is Kobe Bryant Day.

It's probably why instead of being angsty at work and at life, I just SCOWLED at people.

I've been saying this ever since the world witnessed his awesomeness in 1996. I hate the Kobe Bryant that wore number 8 with the exception of when he trolled the entire Toronto Raptors squad by unleashing 81 points.

With that said, Kobe number 24 is such an awesome baller. He grew up from an immature leader wannabe and developed into a legend that drew the respect of other legends. From his time as the rowdy sidekick of Shaquille O'Neal to the Lakers leader with the clutch gene in his veins, he grew up in front of our eyes and he made sure that he ended his career the way everyone expects it to end.

And Kobe loved the Philippines.

Anyway, Happy Kobe Day!

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