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Hook is Taz’s son.

The dude looks like a star.

I forgot to note about this guy but he reminds me of what a badass stoner-like wrestler should look like. I know Matt Riddle has excelled on his surfer-dude gimmick but the way Hook swaggers to the ring and hugging the turnbuckle with the camera set up to check out his nonchalant reaction is awesome and this sets him apart from the other AEW wrestlers.

Hook looks like a Jersey Shore character that hates you for calling him a Jersey Shore character. He’s the type of guy that you shouldn’t mess within a party because he looks too normal and could rip your arm off.

Needless to say, we need to see more from this kid.

Also, his entrance theme and the way he walks to the ring is like I said, awesome.

But I do question a lot of his offense. He is light on his feet and uses judo throws executed after a quick attack or a grapple. In some ways, he follows the same executions of his dad (although instead of judo throws, Taz does things with suplexes). This is good and all until he faces a bounce of opponents that are bigger than him – and his style could be a problem if the performer can’t himself overhead flying to the canvas with high impact arm drags.

Fuego del Sol is a jobber but at least there are a couple of names in the company that is in his weight class. Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, and Sami Guevara are potential feuds with Orange Cassidy perhaps a good name to jumpstart his midcard ascent.

With that said, I like how he is presented. He’ll probably move to AEW Dark after this debut to further season his style but yeah, the dude looks great.

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