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Nung narinig ko yung pangalan ko sa Youtube video niya…

… taena, napabuga ako ng mainit na kape sa laptop.

Google translate n’yo na lang ito hehe.

I promise to do a YouTube video about my picks for the 2023 PBA Draft (or Season 48 Draft) but I am in a place in my life where I’m procrastinating in every decision I make.

The difference between blogging and vlogging is glaring. But even if I try to vlog, I’m just going to use it as a supplement for my blog. I’m just comfortable in static entertainment.

Anyway, my 1.0 version has had 156 views ever since I posted it two months ago and I miss the time when I was getting more than 500 views daily.

A lot has happened since like Converge taking the tenth draft pick because of the Abu Tratter trade. I was looking for the DM button but I’m pretty sure Aegon Hoops would do a follow-up video regarding his 2.0 version.

I also have a 2.0 version, and it’s at 35 views since last week.

As mentioned, the difference between blogging and vlogging is glaring.

Anyway, shoutout to Aegon Hoops for making me a reference. :)

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