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I just don't like Kyrie Irving.

I just wrote about him.

And now he just made my take outdated.

With that said, you have to give it up to Brooklyn for getting the best out of the situation. This move will drop their playoff chances but at least they will have stable players. Spencer Dinwiddie is a beloved player from their pre-Kyrie era and Dorian Finney-Smith is a starter for the Dallas Mavericks. The picks (one 2029 first-round and two 2027 and 2029 second-round picks) are going to be vital trade pawns. The only thing I wonder is if Spencer Dinwiddie had somewhat beefed with the former management. He has no reason to since Brooklyn dealt him to a team that would give him playing time but the Nets did destroy their young crew that could have been this year's version of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As for Kyrie Irving, Mark Cuban is probably going to like this gamble because he is an expiring contract. Kyrie will also try to make his presence felt because he needs to even his quirks with his outstanding basketball skills. The thing about Irving is that he'll probably disrupt the roster's morale if he misses games because of his "morals" and he'll probably try to treat himself as an equal to Luka Doncic.

This is something the organization needs to check. At least right from the get-go, they need to put him into place. Everyone believes that this is Luka's team and it should stay that way. I guess this is the first time where Irving is the old hand as when he came to Boston, technically you can't really say that he's a grizzled, old vet.

Now is a different story.

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