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I HATED Lee Yi Kyung in Player 7.

I thought in a group of comedians, he was just trying his best to just be there. Lee Su Geun is the star while Kim Dong Hyun and Jung Hyuk are the breakout stars and I just can't help but feel for him as he is thrust to battle against Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho, and Hwang Je Sung - of who had amazing chemistry with Su Geun.

I guess 2022 is a better year for him.

Now that Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Seon Ho have veered away from their roles as variety rookies and with Lee Seung Gi momentarily stepping out from Master in the House, Yi Kyung is killing it.

I guess this all started when he starred in Tteokbokki Brothers alongside Ji Suk Jin and Kim Jong Min.

I mean, look at his face when Park Jin Joo does her sexy dance to his "dismay" in an episode of How Do You Play (or Hangout with Yoo) and find out.

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