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I'm trying to create a new Sunday playlist when I stumble on this again.

Natalie Imbruglia is one of my all-time girl rocker crushes. Back then, I would check out MTV (when it was still an actual music video channel) and hunt down their countdown show because at the time, they were heavily spamming Torn.

With that said, I know Torn is not a Natalie Imbruglia original. I guess it's the reason why the years turned, I was leaning more on Beauty on the Fire and Big Mistake. But hell, Natalie's Torn is the best. As mentioned, the remote always stops when I see her music video and when I got WINAMP, I would spam Torn every chance I can get.

And then I heard the original.

The Ednaswap version is darker but it's more of a rock song than the chill Natalie version.

It's a nice alternative to the more popular version.

It's like you're in Reality Bites or some sort of grunge romcom flick.

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