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I have been bingeing on Netflix for some time now and after finishing Extraordinary Attorney Woo, I just finished Start-Up.

Aside from the fact that knowing the story of the show will help me in my work, I have been a fan of Kim Seon Ho since his days in 1N2D Season 4. His image as the "variety rookie" whose stress levels are always going up made him a hit despite his brief run.

Also, I am a Running Man fan and once upon a time, Kang Han Na almost became a fixed member.

Bae Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk are the stars of the series but yeah, Seon Ho's scene stole with his acting - especially his interactions with resident Korean mommy/granny Kim Hae Sook.

Now, if you've seen the series, they spam the Red Velvet song and this Gaho song. Personally, I like this song better because it has this rah-rah feel to it. If I am going to make a sports-themed soundtrack, I am most definitely going with the "feels" of this song.

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