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I am not really a fan of this Post Malone song because while it's catchy, I feel like he mumbles most of the lyrics. I am not blaming him though, because as an artist, he has the right to represent his craft.

I do like the song's music video. While yeah, it feels like it's done in one take at the start (it's not, judging from the editing style,) it has a story. One of my pet peeves, when I attend weddings, is how videographers edit their same-day wedding videos. Shooting hotel scenes, with the couple and their entourage lined up, and then going to the church, and then going back to the hotel wherein they are in some random staircase posing, does not make sense to me.

Also, Post Malone owns one of the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card. I wanted to say that his Black Lotus is the most expensive, but there is a Lord of the Rings 1 of 1 in the process of getting auctioned.

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