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Pre-teen unlocked.

I like how they added Trini's situation here. I like the tribute on Thuy Trang and hopefully, they did something cool with Jason David Frank's legacy. I think I outgrew the franchise when he led the group but of all the Power Rangers, past and present, I believe he and Billy Yost perfectly represented it.

I get why Walter E. Jones is headlining the show since he became the most mainstream Power Ranger although I wish Amy Jo Johnson would appear in the project as well. I liked her in Felicity (whenever I catch her on RPN-9) and she is still active in Hollywood.

Bryan Cranston? Of course, he's a monumental star but really, who gives a shit about Zordon? Cranston will always have Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad as his biggest acting contributions.

Anyway, it's morphin' time.

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