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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I’m in a bind on this one.

AZ Yet?

Kidding. I like AZ Yet and their lone album that gained traction but let’s be real… they can’t be in the same conversation as N’SYNC and The Backstreet Boys. I guess I can rank Boyzone, Take That, and 98 Degrees in the conversation? I wanted to put Boys II Men here but I also believe that they are in an earlier version of the movement.

Besides, they should be facing New Kids on The Block in terms of 80s awesomeness.

I love both boybands.

Justin Timberlake is one of my favorites but I sing the BSB songs more.

I like the BSB songs in bulk but N’SYNC’s Gone is my jam.

Ultimately, I am going to choose The Backstreet Boys over N’SYNC. BSB is more of an ensemble. Nick Carter is the breakout star but can we really say that he really broke out? Justin Timberlake went on to become the closest thing to Michael Jackson in terms of career. JC Chasez is another name that had some sort of success with Lance Bass becoming the next name on the N’SYNC hierarchy. Carter never really had the success of even JC and most of the members never really became solo stars but their music has breached pop culture awesomeness on a global scale. BSB’s debut album went diamond in Canada and platinum in 14 countries. N’SYNC had just three albums but had diamond status in the US in their debut album – selling 11 million units.

I am from the Philippines though.


So I guess this is why I bought the Funko pops of the bands’ lead stars. In some ways, I remember the times when I would sing at the front of my classroom with a broom in one hand and a handkerchief on the other because… I was hiding my face due to the ridiculousness of the situation.

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