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Of all the things I saw from the Voltes V: Legacy Mega Trailer, Octo-One’s appearance hits my childhood the most.

Or Tako-chan.


That red octopus is one of the best gadgets introduced in Voltes V. Octo-One like a more useful and intelligent version of Boknoy, The Fighting Ball. That two-second cameo of Little John walking with the robot octopus really took me back to a time when I wanted a companion of similar usefulness.

In 2023, we call that companion a cellphone... or laptop for others.

With that said, I hope the show gives everyone a more detailed version of the characters. And it’s not just about the five pilots. One of my biggest qualms about the original animated series is that the episodes are almost interchangeable, except when a significant event happens like death or the man-in-charge. I saw a kissing scene. At least Zardos is portrayed as a flamboyant man unlike in the animated series in which he’s like a conceited spoiled brat with a love for theatrics.

Yes, the graphics are topnotch but like my problems with most fantasy-oriented shows and movies, it’s the characters that would glue asses to seats. I barely saw Cowboy Bebop because, with the exception of Jet Black, it failed to bring the magic of the animated series.

I expect Voltes V: Legacy to rule.

At the moment, it looks promising.

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