Without question, this is the best version of John Cena's character. As the Doctor of Thugonomics, Cena's devil-may-care attitude and mean-spirited bars catapulted him to the main event scene.

Sure, "Chain Gang" John Cena made him a household name. From the main event, Cena transformed to legendary status once he ditched the jerseys for the brightly-colored signature shirts. This is, however, his best character work.

From dissing Rey Mysterio's height to blasting The Big Show's digestion to messing with Kurt Angle and even murdering Brock Lesnar's intellect, you either love Cena for disregarding the statures of his opponents or hating him for mocking the attributes we love from the said wrestler.

And I guess this is why I bought this Funko. Sure, the jersey is a watered-down version of the New York Yankees uniform, and whatever the heck is on the upper left side of his pop is something that needs to be explained but yeah... I loved the character which is why I kept the Funko pop.

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