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I think I would rather have Ric Flair's last match being the one he had with Shawn Michaels because of how grand it looked.

With that said, Flair went out the way he wanted.

And it's not like he came out in a sea of empty seats. The Nature Boy's drawing power continued with a packed house witnessing his supposed final match alongside Andrade El Idolo against the team of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal.

It's hard to check out his son-in-law as a face.

Actually, he has a family of heels at the moment with Charlotte Flair seen as one of the best regardless of gender.

Flair wore a purple top and one of his belts and he worked like how a 73-year-old would work. He knife-edged chopped the living hell off his opponents and did everything we knew he'd do.

The only thing I didn't like is the blood part.

But again, at least he went out the way he wanted. The Wrestlemania match with HBK was good but much like most wrestlers, Flair wanted to do more and it's probably the reason why he wrestled in TNA a couple of years after his retirement match. He also wanted to make this match happen so his last big appearance wouldn't be that Plane Ride From Hell episode of The Dark Side of the Ring. Flair wanted to retire in front of an intimate set of adoring fans and that's exactly what he did.

And I guess this is a good thing - considering that Vince McMahon hastily retired because of the events that transpired this year.

Again, Flair finally retired on his terms.

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