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Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The year is 1990.

After a successful comeback, the PBA All-Star Game was on-air again with the Veterans avenging their loss to the Rookies, Sophomores, and Juniors with Samboy Lim taking MVP honors.

24 players participated in the event with most of them finishing the season with all-star numbers.

The RSJ team comprised mostly of the players in the 1989 PBA Draft as well as the core of Purefoods while the Veterans are led by PBA pioneers Robert Jaworski, and Philip Cezar as well as the 1989 San Miguel Grand Slam squad. Ramon Fernandez, a PBA pioneer and member of the SMB grand slam team, sat out because of a rib injury, and taking his place in the lineup is first-time participant Rudy Distrito.

So the first column is their team, followed by the number of participations, name of the player, and season stats. For the pioneers as well as Manny Victorino, I also included the unofficial PBA All-Star Games that happened between 1975 and 1982.

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