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This plug happened on October 13, 2019


Hi Cassidy Railey.


Your dad likes to blog and aside from documenting your adorable movements, I chronicle a lot of your important moments.

Remember the time when you allowed yourself to vomit from a kid.


It happened around October 13, 2019, at SM Hypermart Pasig. You’re learning how to become a goofy, little critter and you had a playpen friend that coughs a lot and in your words… sounded Japanese.

Anyway, he hit you and you for some insane reason, fell to the stairs part of the playpen.

And then that kid hurled on you.

I think he just hit you on the pants but I saw a lot of vomit falling to your direction. You were telling the kids that the baby just spat a lot of things on you and the kid’s guardian was a bit embarrassed.

And then I rode your ass for about half an hour because you could have averted that if you just stayed away from the kid. I mean… the kid was coughing at you… without covering his mouth.

And he’s not even a girl.

Your Daddy will make you remember all the things you didn't know you need to know!!!


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