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These days, I can’t get enough of Letterkenny.

I really like the character of Wayne (played by show creator Jared Keeso) although my favorite characters on the show are Jonesy and Reilly (played by Andrew Herr and Dylan Playfair). Katy and Bonnie McMurray (played by Michelle Mylett and Kamilla Kowal) are awesome eye candies and I guess up until the fifth season, Daryl (played by Nathan Dales) had finally something else to do besides being a hick sidekick. In the first season, I thought he has a thing for Katy but as the season progressed, Squirrelly Dan had more “lust” on her… and to think Dan (played by K. Trevor Wilson) is sort of their father figure.

Anyway, I want their Funko pops.

Hopefully, some shop in the Philippines would sell their pops.

I stumbled upon the show when I was looking for the price of a Wayne’s World pop on the Funko app. I once had a set of those pops but I had to sell them because I wanted to streamline my collection. Of all the pops in need of new homes, Wayne and Garth attracted the most inquiries. Did I price the pops too low? Are they really sought after these days? So I re-installed the Funko pop app to check out the results.

When I was looking at the search results, I saw a Funko pop in a cowboy shirt with a dog. After looking at the Wayne’s World Funko pop suggested prices, I checked Letterkenny on the net. After checking out a few of its scenes on YouTube… which goes a little something like this, I looked for ahem… opportunities to check out the first nine seasons as well as its special episodes.

This is going to be my first Canadian comedy binge-watch since Schitt’s Creek and I’m happy this didn’t disappoint. It’s best to watch the show with subtitles on because they talk quickly and they have a thing for rambling.

And adding the subtitles are low-key awesome for the show’s viewing experience because seeing the words coming out of their mouths… especially the lines Gail, McMurray, Shoresy, and the Dycks blurt out… is just unreal.

Also, they shoot this with some sort of indie music video vibe. Usually, Stewart and the Skids have this thing for music but the show in itself feels like a music video. The numerous scenes wherein Wayne squares off with an opponent, drinks to oblivion, or just leveling up some scene to the tune of Taal Mala, Peaches, Les Savy Fav, No Age, Tune-Yards, and Toulouse is refreshing.

They even used La Rondine during the Jay Baruchel episode… and it must be a Canadian thing for them to just ramble like hell.

I know nothing about these acts but if I bop to a certain song, then they are doing something right.

I am a fan of these kinds of scenes. It brings me back to the time when Baywatch does this to just have women run and model their bathing suits because they need to fill time. It also brings me back to when Dawson’s Creek and Ally McBeal would do a montage of scenes bit to just have their characters go sentimental.

As of this writing, I am in the middle of season seven. Wayne is in the process of wising up while the characters of Daryl and Squirrelly Dan are leveling up. Katy is hot… but often sits in the background. As I said, the characters I like the most are Jonesy and Reilly. They start up as jocks that suck as hockey players and then when they made an effort to do leg exercises, they became the best players of their winless squad. Unfortunately, their team folded so instead of looking for other playing opportunities, they turn into assistant coaches. As mentioned, I am in the middle of season seven and with their “hotness” running low, they are evaluating their chances to return to hockey.

Maybe I am going to make a Top Ten list of anything Letterkenny?

I must collect their pops first.

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