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Updated: Apr 28, 2023

While this is an unfortunate situation, given how beloved the main players are and what they stand for in the realm of Philippine television, if you want to learn about the workings of broadcasting this is just fun to watch.

I have been checking out the events that led to the ousters of former FOX ratings draw Tucker Carlson and CNN regular Don Lemon and it feels as if these situations are similar to the current situation in Eat Bulaga.

Of course, Tito, Vic, and Joey didn't incite radical Republicans and didn't unleash a slew of negative comments. These three, like how Tito Sotto is putting it, are treated as pawns by the higher forces.

I am not going to delve further into the controversy. I do like how Tito Sotto explained the inner workings of production though. My favorite info is the fact that they feel the money flow during the ber months but come January, they are struggling for advertisers. January is the aftereffect of companies going all out on their advertising. January is also the time in which obscure products like medicine and livestock feeds buy commercial spots because this is the time when it is at its cheapest. Also, Tito also spills the beans on the difference between a block timer and a co-production.

When I asked CHATGPT to define this and I had to fill it in on what I know in order for it to fully comprehend what I am saying, block timers pay for a certain timeslot to air their program, while co-production is a joint venture between a channel and an independent production company to create a television show.

I guess if TVJ owns the rights to the Eat Bulaga name, they can just use it and revive it in a different situation.

I haven't seen much of Eat Bulaga lately but it has been on air before I was born and I want to still be there like what is SNL or The Tonight Show or Doctor Who is to other countries.

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