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It has been weeks since The Bloodline has been relevant. In some ways, things got messed up when Cody Rhodes failed to win at Wrestlemania.

The right man won... but now what?

Roman Reigns is not a visible champion and it messed up the story. This is also the reason why the World Heavyweight Championship is poised to become a secondary title.

Reigns will never lose... which is why they needed another belt.

But the current Bloodline storyline received a jolt when Roman and Solo Sikoa are set to challenge Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships. The Usos haven't scored a major win since losing their titles and it feels as if they are rendered irrelevant by The Tribal Chief. The tag team titles have also been their bread and butter. If they can't work for the titles, then what good are they?

Time to turn.

Sami Zayn is prophetic here. The next story of The Bloodline is its destruction. I think even Roman Reigns knows this, especially during one of his talks with Paul Heyman. Solo is poised to win a title at some point and they have also made it a story that his older brothers are dragging him down.

The other new thing here is that Jey Uso acting as a peacemaker for both parties. He has always protected Jimmy and now that they are in this bind and his brother is about to snap, Jey is pulling all stops to guard him. This is a nice touch because up until now, we haven't really seen what Jimmy is to The Bloodline story. All we see about him is that he's the most chill but in the current scheme of things, Jimmy can't be chill about what is happening.

Yes, the turn isn't going to happen right now and it's probably never going to happen at all, but this is a great driver to their story.

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