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So I was lurking on PBA Archives' Facebook page and then I saw these PBA Annuals for sale.

It was like... the coolest budol ever.

I have been looking for the old school annuals for some time now. I have been checking out the PBA website if there are people that would answer my inquiry but it just sucks that PBA info is hard to come by.

I mean, Ramon Fernandez at one point, is their top guy.

Hector Calma is seen by many as one of the greatest PBA point guards ever.

I also wanted to know the awesomeness of Ricky Relosa, Dante Gonzalgo, Onchie Dela Cruz, and Pongkie F'N Alolor!

How good is Chito Loyzaga and why did he deserve a spot on the 40 Greatest Players list... and why is Abe King that damn good but still can't break these types of lists?

That's about to change though.

As I said, this is one of those "shut up and take my money" moments.

Postscript: Thanks to Rennor Galicia for this magnificent budol.

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