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I don’t know if this is just a pandemic thing…

Oh, wait.

I just saw their Wiki page and this is going to be a permanent thing.

And I like it!

Having a girl voice singing Kamikazee songs is refreshing.

Inasmuch as I want Jay Contreras and Jomal Linao singing their classics… and some of their new songs… the addition of a girl vocal is awesome. I guess from here on out, it would be difficult for Kamikazee to outdo their hits. I am sorry but Agimat, Cahaya, and Leon aren’t as awesome as compared to Narda, Director’s Cut, Unang Tikim, Hanggang Tingin, Halik, Martyr Nyebera, Tagpuan, Chicksilog, and Huling F’N Sayaw. The only reason why I have Narda over Huling Sayaw as my all-time fave Kamikazee song is that Narda had that awesome Jay and Jomal collab and it’s hard to sing Huling Sayaw without Kyla or a tolerable girl vocal.

And the additions of Mikki Jill and Jianelli James Lubiano to team up with Jay, Jomal, Allan Burdeos, Puto Astete, and Led Tuyay solved it.

Not only that, the female vocal brought a new dimension to their songs. I know it would matter to songs like Huling Sayaw, Hanggang Tingin, and Martyr Nyebera, but it gave Halik, Tagpuan, and Narda an additional layer of awesomeness. When Jay took a backseat and let Mikki Jill sing Director’s Cut on their Tower of Doom set two years ago, I spammed the song for a month.

I have been spamming the 2022 version of Agimat on their Youtube channel for some time now. As I mentioned, I am not really a fan of Agimat… but hot damn, the female second voice did it for me. Now I want my all-time faves like Wolfgang, Parokya ni Edgar and Itchyworms to do something like this.


How about a freak No Way Home-like collaboration wherein Ely Buendia rocks it out with Kris Dancel?

I want a chick to sing Anino and Arise!!!

And yeah, I know Parokya ni Edgar has had songs in which they collaborated with a lot of people. Right off the bat, we have Francis Magalona, Rico Blanco, Gloc9, Yeng Constantino, and Hapee Sy come to mind. But before their Borbolen album, I thought the band hit the same wall that messed up a lot of legendary rock bands. Easily, Borbolen is better than Pogi Years Old but if you compare these albums to their first six or seven albums, it just fails in comparison.

Rosas though… is fire!

Now that I think about it, Parokya ni Edgar should stay with their current setup. They just need to concentrate on doing awesome lyrics… and they should stay away from the social media app mentions.

I guess of all the bands that could benefit from this kind of change, Kamikazee is the best to have it. Ever since the height of their popularity, they have been doing out-of-the-box things unheard of like acoustic versions with violin, piano accompaniments, odd couple team-ups, and songs that have awesome music videos.

Also, their live sets rival that of Parokya in terms of awesomeness.

I hope Rivermaya comes back with their best version and rock out their old songs with a twist. I don’t know if Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Nathan Azarcon, and Mark Escueta could return to do their extra special 90s hits but it would be awesome if they could do a semblance to what Kamikazee is doing right now.

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