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I went to Fin & Claw in Timog the other day.

It's a good place to check out live music.

I also learned that I will never eat bagnet crisps ever again.

Now don't get me wrong, it tasted great. It's better when I wrap it in lettuce because I am more for veggies than crispy pata or lechon or steak or bagnet. And this is where I had a problem.

It's not that I won't eat their bagnet crisps.

It's a case of I can't.

The thing about me is that I don't even like chicharon. So when I crammed five crisps in my mouth like I hadn't had any dinner, all of a sudden, my temporal started to throb and until the next day, the back of my neck had a bit of pain.

But this is not the bar's fault. I should have gone to first, or at least asked the waiters for non-batok-putok treats because I saw a lot of veggies on their menu. We also ordered their spring rolls and they weren't bad. Also, mixing Canada Dry with Jameson is fun.

I think I can return to Fin & Claw to check out the popular live bands but more importantly, to taste test all of their grub.

And by grub, I mean the things with green and fish in them that aren't deep-fried to the point that I am seeing stars despite the lack of a hangover.

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