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With everyone away, I decided to just go insane inside my house.

I love being alone - at least after a week of stress and anxiety.

It did help that my alarm clock wasn't my normal 9am to 10am sound but the call from my kid.

This is his eye.


I made kimchi-powered chili rice for lunch - which is basically corned beef, tomato sauce, onions, kimchi, and leftover hotdog and egg (if I didn't have the leftovers, I would have certainly inserted beans and yolk of the egg there).

I also ate this for dinner - but this time, placing it on a pancit canton and adding nuts on it.

It tastes like a plate of Korean spaghetti.

I am trying to cut back on food, unbelievably. With that said, no one is going to eat the grub I prepared. For starters, I don't a give damn about the dish's presentation and most importantly, I don't think people will understand why I need to do this.

I loved it though. There are times that even I would hate the food I prepared but this time I love the fact that tomato sauce, beef, kimchi, and noodles can just go down beautifully inside my body!


Of course, I pooped with the door open and I had an instance when I ran naked. I think this is one of the conditions of being alone.

I tried to do work but my body wouldn't just let me.

I stayed away from my room as many times as possible and I slept as many times as I can.

I am doing this blog at 3:30am. In a few minutes, I am going to sleep. The first order of business after I wake up is to cook rice and make sure I turn off all the lights I opened.

And then, I am off for a Sunday stroll.

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