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I saw this on Prof. Jason X's YouTube channel and let me say this: El Hijo del Vikingo needs more seasoning.

Actually, he needs to have ring psychology first.

While he's perfecting his craft, maybe Black Taurus needs to wait for him to get better elsewhere. Maybe, a couple of steps backward?

Again, this is what I hate about these spots. Even in WWE, if you can look AND stare at an opponent when he's about to take off, maybe that is the right time to move away from the drop zone. Yes, the opponent is meant to protect the one doing the moves but they also need to protect the realism of what they are doing.

If this was a dark match, then this is all good. But it's a televised one. Regardless of what you say about a match being available online or through streaming, if you are not confident about doing the move, then make an audible and just do it when you have a better grasp on things.

Vikingo had three chances to get out of the move, and all of those chances were glaring. Worse, they are also high-risk spots. Vikingo has had botches since debuting in AEW, and now in Ring of Honor and those spots could either injure him or his opponent.

I know the WWE roster has had injuries as well, but their injuries are either misjudged spots or wrestler errors. While yeah, the same can be said with AEW, some of their misjudged spots and wrestle errors often involve a prop, height, or a move they could have done without.

I don't think I need to be funny while checking out this incident, but hopefully, someone in their behind-the-scenes section would stamp his class on these not-good-enough-for-primetime performances. While everyone looks for the next Rey Mysterio or the next Eddie Guerrero, maybe the promotions need to look for the Konnans, or the Chavo Guerreros, or the Andrades, or the Carlitos, and for wrestling only, even an Alberto del Rio. Yes, sometimes they do suicide planchas but they are rarely injured by their moves. What they do aren't as flashy, but they can be also considered safe as well.

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