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I had to Google Joy Giovanni because it has been almost two decades since I've seen her on TV.

She's 45.

And a psychic.


Anyway, the first WWE Diva Search happened in 2004. This Diva Search edition is the memorable one I think because I don't really remember the other versions without Wikipedia and it had the likes of Christy Hemme, Maria Kanellis, Amy Weber, and Michelle McCool (Undertaker's wife) apart from this girl.

It wasn't as bad as I remember because being a 22-year-old manchild with a girl-crazy state is the right target demographic for scantily-dressed dancing models.

Giovanni did not win the contest (Christy Hemme won) but she is one of those models that stuck to the wrestling circuit for at least a year. She had this thing with The Big Show and Kurt Angle and I think she was also part of a lot of seasonal bikini contests.

Oh, and she had this crazy entrance theme.

I think she got released due to budget cuts.

Anyway, being a wrestling fan, I get to see a ton of wrestling content pop up on my Youtube feed. Now, this is the first time I am checking out Ring The Belle but I think they do great interviews especially since it is conducted by a non-wrestler.

I also like the fact that Joy Giovanni went insane during the interview. For starters, I did not know that she had a kid back then. I think it helped that I had a dial-up internet connection but it also added the fact that it dawned on me that they really need to practice their stage presence.

With that said, she still looks awesome and I think the interview is a fitting reward for everyone who tried to understand the rationale of the Diva Search other than the customary T and A. It also might have something if this version was the one talking back then because I remember her character in that brief spell and you can't say that being a "love interest" is a pro wrestler attitude.

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