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So I am back with another Avril Lavigne blog.

I didn't know I am going to make one this quick though.

I was chillin' with her take on Adele's song when I remembered my favorite Avril Lavigne song. Inasmuch as I like Complicated and Sk8ter Boi, "Why" is my favorite Avril Lavigne song of all time.

While I never bought any of her albums, I just like the acoustic song. I remember listening to Magic 89.9 back in the day and the song had a long run in their charts.

Five minutes before writing this blog, everything I know back then... is a lie.

I thought this song is just an acoustic-only song.

I never knew it had a version that for starters, is the actual original song, and secondly, has kind of a different spin from what I remember.

This is the acoustic version that I remember...

And this is the actual original song.

I mean, who knew?

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