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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Got to have an unusual trip last Saturday as I attended catechism with Cindy for Railey's First Communion.

I just tagged along.

Also, it was also the first time I stepped inside Lourdes School of Mandaluyong.

Yup, that's the reason.

It's a boys' school and while I'm really not that keen on exclusive schools, I dig the vibe of the school. It has an awesome-looking gym and football field plus its theater looks up-to-date. God bless the St. James College educational system when it was still around but back then I never had a chance to thrive in sports because the opportunities are limited. Also, they value religion. I know most people worship technology amongst everything else but it's nice to see hardcore Catholic schools still in existence.

And they call their students "young masters" and I like it when my kid exudes Jerry Yan and Meteor Garden vibes.

Anyway, we went to Shangri-La EDSA after and ate in Mary Grace. The food's alright but I don't really like their carrot cake. I should like it because it's not that sweet but I had eaten better.

I guess shopping in Rustan's is cool because the people aren't as many. Yes, the choices are limited but if they have it - then why look elsewhere? The thing that just annoyed me is the long cashier line. I understand the long line but I didn't understand why a person would buy 31,000 pesos worth of Legos.

My monthly condo amortization is around 30 thousand!

But otherwise, it's a good two-hour trip up until the December taxi and passenger service surge. This I can live without - especially how I would rather get items in Lazada and Shopee than go to SM.

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