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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I guess it wouldn't be a Kim Kyung Hoon game if he didn't mess things up towards the end.


By the time you're reading this though, you have probably known the game's outcome.

Kyung Hoon's final strategy is to become insanely obvious and make sure he draws the attention of the rest of the group by sticking it with a conflicted white sheep. This is the same strategy employed by his co-conspirator though.

In the end, both were selected and both were eliminated.

I saw in the next episode that the winners will have a chance to play the game again. However, I hope the eliminated players get the same chance also at some point.



A | Fitness model Jun Tarzan
Player Rater | 5 of 8

I like Running Man and he looks and resembles Kang Gary. Actually, in terms of attitude, he could also pull a Kang Gary as well. In terms of attack, he rode the wave of a big alliance and in terms of defense, he can't really pull anything because he's not the main person to target. He tried to do sleuth work and while he got a lot of things right, I thought he was going to unleash a darker side. Hopefully, if he returns, he could play a different version of himself.

B | Go In Ho (The Soldiers)
Player Rater | 2 of 8

Go In Ho played the perfect white sheep in the sense that he did everything to flush out the black sheep. He even did a recon mission at the start to get rid of G that almost backfired. Being a leader from the get-go just screams "target" for me. I don't know how he'll act if he gets in a situation where he's going to act as a black sheep.

C | Model Kim Na Jeong
Player Rater | 6 of 8

When I saw the introduction in Episode 1 that she is once a Maxim model, the first thought I had is dammit, Korea still has a men's mag? Then as she struts to the lobby and forgets her bag at the entrance of the house, I thought she was going to play the ditz role. I was partially correct because while yeah, she served as eye candy, she also viciously attacked her counterparts in a cute way. I was hoping that she'll pull the unimaginable and lead the other players to the wrong answers to sweep the pot. I was really hoping she'll pull off a swerve.

D | Kim Kyung Hoon (The Genius)
Player Rater | 1 of 8

I thought the story revolved around him and I get if they take a break from his antics. I don't know why the group trusted him knowing his background but he did his best to survive. Every move he did serves a purpose and players who do big moves tend to commit the biggest of mistakes. Nonetheless, It's hard for Kim Kyung Hoon to gain trust after his amazing performance. The dude did well as the show's first main villain.

E | Youtuber Pungja
Player Rater | 3 of 8

I think she represented the LGBT community here but re-watching the elimination parts of the show, I thought she was an obvious possibility. She kept on remembering the clues during the voting rounds and she tends to flip-flop when the situation arises.

F | Song Ha
Player Rater | 7 of 8

I honestly thought she cruised her way to the end. She was afraid to make the big moves and everything she did was a reaction. I thought she messed up their final challenge because she could have been more vocal about things. Of all the players in this game, she fared the worst for me.

G | Actor Jung Jae Ho
Player Rater | 4 of 8

First impressions last and he seriously messed up when he came to the lobby and failed to acknowledge the other players. He did well in the challenges though and his deduction was spot on. With that said, he became a victim of a big alliance and he was targeted for the rest of the game for showing his boss qualities.

H | Wonder Girls’ HA:TFELT
Player Rater | 8 of 8

Of all the players here, she looked lost. Unlike F though, the former Wonder Girl is a global celebrity. She had a disadvantage reading the rest of the players but it's not the same case as the other players who can recall her past interviews. If there is one person I can't see returning, it's definitely her.


I like the way the show is handled. Mafia-style games aren't as conniving and ruthless as this show because their personal nightmares are moved front and center for the public to see. Running Man has had a lot of these "spy" games but they were just chosen to do this and well, it's not as if they are morally flawed. The code, for instance, could have led to a lot darker things, and after escaping their past, here is this show to broadcast the pain to the world.

I guess the second leg is going to start next week. I am a sucker for these kinds of games and hopefully, they can do better than the initial kick. I want to see more The Genius characters joining the game as well. Or probably, we can see appearances of strategic players from The Society Game, Game of Blood, and the numerous dating and music shows.

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